ZED Limited Edition B&W Double Issue 1-2

This is a special double issue edition of the first 2 ZED issues in black and white! Once they're gone, they're gone for good! (signed by author)


A post-post apocalyptic buddy-roadtrip-zombie-superhero comic series, set in a world recovering from a recent outbreak.


It lasted three years, but the outbreak is over. Most of the infected have been isolated or destroyed. The vaccine was created on day 900, and now life is getting back to normal. Cities are repopulating, and there is a long-awaited sense of calm throughout the country. 

The PH-virus was relatively short lived thanks to Samuel Grace, genius scientist and the creator of the PH vaccine. His vaccine can prevent the spread of the virus, but cannot reverse it. Fortunately, Sam’s vaccine stopped the PH-virus before it decimated the world population but, the vaccine did not come without a cost. For three years Sam experimented on patient after patient, subject after subject. Tuning the vaccine carried a cost of both human and Post-Human life. One such test subject was Zed.

ZED Limited Edition B&W Double Issue 1-2

  • There are no returns. No do-overs, and no exceptions. If you buy this comic, you are certain to love and cherish it for all time.

  • ZED Issue #1 was funded via Kickstarter on September 1st and will be released in mid-to-late October 2016.