Supercats Halloween Retailer Bundle

Supercats Halloween! will be a full-color, 8 x 8 saddle stiched children's book printed on high quality, full gloss paper. This book takes Supercats one step closer to becoming an all-ages comic book series.

This is a true riot to read-out-load with your little ones, but it's also a clever, cute way to introduce children to reading through comics.

The Supercats children's books are meant for Pre-K to K kids, but the beautiful art and whimsical tales will capture the imaginations of children of all ages. 

Supercats Halloween! is a silly tale about what the Supercats do on Halloween day. Kids love Halloween, and they will rave about this Halloween fun-filled story about superhero cats, bad dogs, and trick-or-treating fun.

Simply put, this is a fun book. 

If you love comics, cats, superheroes, or just cute cartoony stories with meaning, I'm certain you and your kids wil love Supercats.


This price is only available to retail stores. 5 books signed by the author for $25 plus tax and shipping.

Supercats Halloween Retailer Bundle



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