Along a Burning River

A comic anthology of stories about Ohio told by Ohio creators.


Along a Burning River is 72 pages of comic book storytelling based around the fine state of Ohio. Whether it’s about a local myth or legend, or simply a setting, the state of Ohio and its rich history star in every story. Every creator featured on this project lives in Ohio. They have inhaled the fires of the steel mills, waded in the muddy waters of the Ohio, the Cuyahoga, the Scioto, reaped the bounty of sweet corn, and dripped in the blood and sweat that the Rust Belt baptizes its inhabitants in.

I have a beautiful short in this anthology about the Cuyahoga River fire with art by Carrie Arnold. It follows a group of guys out on the town for their friend's bachelor party talking about life, history, and rebirth.


Carrie is the creator and artist behind the series Revel Rhodes - a true to life thriller weaving fiction and history into a dark mirror reflecting what might come to pass if society does not learn to control it’s worst instincts.


Along a Burning River



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