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Caleb Thusat

Once upon a time I was a Chicago indie film producer, living and working in the Chicago area. Now I'm a full-time Dad and writer.


I live in Hudson, Ohio with my lovely wife, son, and  2 cats. Over the past 6 years, I have run a total of 15 successful  kickstarter campaigns. I have created a variety of books including comics, graphic novels, and children's books.

Village Comics my personal imprint and home to all of my self-published books. All of the books created here are the culmination of years of writing, crowdfunding, and creating a fanbase through social media and convention attendance. 

I strive to create stories that not only entertain but carry a deeper meaning and purpose. These are thought-provoking books that beg to be read over and over again, revealing more complexity with each experience.


Vilage Comics only exists because of people like you have believed in my concepts and supported them over the years.  This is still just the beginning...

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