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Issue 3 Coming to Kickstarter April 1st!


A boy named Percy is forced to grow up too soon when his mother falls ill in the midst of a global pandemic. Lost in desperation, he escapes to a fairytale land from his bedtime stories. He quickly discovers it 's no longer the happy dreamland from his mother's past.

Pete Pan is gone. The lost boys have all returned home or grown to become loathsome pirates. A darkness has settled in and all magic has faded from the land.


Can Percy help bring light back to the darkness, or will he remain forever lost in The Neverland?


The Neverland is a stand-alone sequel to the original Peter Pan novel

by J.M. Barrie.


The Neverland is a 5 part limited comic series inspired by the dark fantasy films of the 80's and 90's that my generation grew up with. It's an action-packed fantasy adventure filled with familiar characters reimagined for a darker, modern take on Peter Pan. 

The Neverland Creative Team:

Writer/Creator/Letterer - Caleb Thusat

Art/Official Cover - Marcelo Biott

Colorist - Robert Nugent

Variant Cover #1 - Stan Yak

Variant Cover #2 - Shawn Langley


Nook is now on
Source Point Press!


I'm extremely excited to announce that Nook is now available through Source Point Press as a three part mini series! 

These beautiful oversized editions with cover art by Martha Webby will be hitting shelves as a monthly series. #1 in June, #2 in July, and #3 in August.

Click the images above to order single issues, and get ready to preorder the Source Point Press trade paperback this fall!

scouT comics!!


The Scout Edition of Supercats Halloween will be hitting comic store shelves on September 28th!

Costumed kitties and puppies trick-or-treat for sweets, but some not-so-nice trouble also stalks the streets. It's time for Halloween fun with Supercats!


 This delightful tale is part of the Launch line designed to help children make the journey from picture books to comics! Safe for the youngest of readers, Supercats Halloween Specialis an all-ages treat for the entire family.


The Supercats now on Scout comics through their new, all-ages imprint, Scoot!! These are brand new editions of the Supercats books with new pages and covers!


Make sure you show your love and support for this series by ordering the single issues or the super-fun Scoot launch pack!!

Help us usher in a new generation of comic readers!


Want to carry our books in your store?

(please contact me for retail pricing)

Our Comics



A whimsical comic about a superhero cat and a clumsy, tailess cat who wants to be a hero too. Warning: extremely fun to read out loud!!

This is the first of many Supercats books that will grow and evolve with my son's development and eventually become an all-ages comic series.

Supercats has been picked up by Scout Comics for their new children's imprint Scoot! Stay tuned for more info on releases and new merchandise!!

There are now only 3 ways you can get copies of Supercats.

1. Follow me here or on Kickstarter for the launch of the next book.

2. Find me at a convention or signing.

3. Buy them through Scout Comics and at your local comic shop once they are released on the Scoot imprint later this year!!



Fleeing the oppression of WWII Germany, Avery and her parents move to a remote town on the border of France. It is here she finds her new best friend, a cat named Nook. But, there is more to this cat than it seems.

A dark and twisted history longs to be revealed. Avery is swept up into a deadly cycle of violence and will come to both fear and love her fuzzy new friend as the history

of her new home is revealed.



Alter-Life is the story of a man's tragic life that is forever changed when he discovers he can enter his parallel existences.

It’s been a rough few years. Trapped in a dead-end customer service rep job, his wife and child recently killed in an accident, Jake decides that he is just going to end it all. 

On that day, at the very time and place he decides to kill himself, he is presented with a chance to bring meaning to his existence. Just as this meaning becomes clear, Jake is killed. The world goes black...

Suddenly, he finds himself standing at the very place and time he was before he died. Everything is different, but everything's the same. This discovery will send him on quest for the truth about his past and the source of his new found abilities.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 7.06.23 PM.png



Terminator meets Back to the Future in the Twilight Zone in this amazing one-shot time travel adventure.

In the near future a scruffy, eccentric tech genius creates a teleportation device and unlocks the mysteries of time travel. He is immediately drawn into a quest to save the world by destroying his inspiration for the invention, the 1986 remake of The Fly. 

Heavily inspired by Back to the Future, Looper, Terminator, and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, this is one wild, mind-bending ride through the past, present, and future!

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.


"You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream"

                                          C.S. Lewis

Village Comics

Hudson, OH 44236

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